Ester Goldberg

BREAKING NEWS: 2 arrested in killing of high school soccer player Francisco Rodriguez Jr. in Los ANGELES. (sad story here)

Two people have been arrested in the slaying of El Camino High School soccer player Francisco Rodriguez, according to sources familiar with the case. Rodriguez was gunned down in his front yard last week. 

 UPDATE: The Los Angeles Police Department planned to make an official announcement later in the day, sources said, adding the killing is believed to have stemmed from a dispute over a romantic interest.


A knock, three gunshots and a mysterious slaying 



The killing of a popular 17-year-old high school student began with a knock at his west San Fernando Valley front door. A girl with red hair had come calling.

Francisco Rodriguez Jr. talked to the girl briefly in the doorway Wednesday evening, out of earshot of his mother and his older sister, who said she had never seen the girl before. Turning back into the house for a moment, he told them he was going outside.

Francisco seemed afraid, his sister, Jessica Rodriguez, 23, said Thursday morning, explaining the sequence of events with her hand covering her face, crying.

"He gave me a look, a scared look, like he knew something was going to happen," she said.

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