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Happy Birthdays & ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY..

(Acting god who played Zack on "Saved by the Bell" and replaced little Ricky Schroder on "NYPD Blue"!!!  Now he's on that TNT legal drama "Raising the Bar".)

George Eads – 42  (He plays Nick Stokes on the original "CSI" . . . the one who got buried alive in that episode Quentin Tarantino directed . . . AND the lucky son of a gun who got to gut-punch guest-star Kevin Federline in an episode back in 2George-Eads-Shirtless-csi-275533_316_500006.)
(The original DAISY DUKE on "The Dukes of Hazzard"!!!)  (–Daisy Duke helped many a hairless boy lose his virginity . . . to himself . . . possibly while "playing" on his Dukes of Hazzard "Big-Wheel", the one with the hand-brake!!!)

RON HOWARD – 55  (Opie)
  (–"Ronny" Howard . . . as he was known back in the day . . . played Genius in the 1965 cinematic Tn2_ron_howard_2
classic "Village of the Giants" . . . in which he helped save his town from a group of overgrown, rampaging teenagers, which included BEAU BRIDGES.)

ALAN THICKE!!! – 62  (Jason Seaver on "Growing Pains" AND the host of "Pictionary"!!!  Multi-talented Alan also wrote the theme songs to "Facts of Life" AND "Diff'rent Strokes".  He's also the father of the much-less-talented Robin Thicke.)

(Face on "The A-Team" and Starbuck on the original "Battlestar Galactica"!!!  He must so be proud to know they replaced him on the new series with A GIRL.)

Roger_daltrey_lead_203x152Mike d'Abo – 65  (He co-wrote "Build Me Up Buttercup" for the Foundations . . . and sang in Manfred Mann for several years.  He's also the father of Olivia d'Abo, who played Fred Savage's hot sister on "The Wonder Years".)
Robert Conrad

Roger Daltrey – 65  (The Who)

Robert Conrad – 74  (Jim West Belafonte-h-cp-2002311on  the REAL "Wild, Wild, West".)

Harry Belafonte – 82  (In a meeting with Venezuela's LOCO president Hugo Chavez, Belafonte told him, quote . . .

Robert Clary – 83  (Corporal Louis LeBeau on "Hogan's Heroes"!!!  He was actually in a Nazi concentration camp as a child.  True . . . but WHO KNEW???)

1954 – Five U.S. congressmen were wounded when four Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire from the gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives.

1968 – Elton John's first single, "I've Been Loving You," was released in England.

1971 – A bomb exploded in a restroom in the Senate wing of the U.S. Capitol. There were no injuries. A U.S. group protesting the Vietnam War claimed responsibility.

1981 – The TV movie "Elvis and the Beauty Queen" was aired on NBC. Don Johnson played the role of Elvis.

1990 – Janet Jackson's first concert tour began. It was the Rhythm Nation World Tour 1990.

1991 – "The Doors" movie debuted. Val Kilmer played the role of Jim Morrison.

1993 – The U.S. government announced that the number of food stamp recipients had reached a record number of 26.6 million.

1995 – Yahoo! was incorporated.

1999 – In Uganda, eight tourists were brutally murdered by Hutu rebels.

2002 – Operation Anaconda began in eastern Afghanistan. Allied forces were fighting against Taliban and Al Quaida fighters.

2003 – In New York, a $250,000 Salvador Dali sketch was stolen from a
display case in the lobby at Rikers Island jail. On June 17, 2003, it
was announced that four corrections officers had surrendered and plead
innocent in connection to the theft. The mixed-media composition was a
sketch of the crucifixion.

2003 – In the U.S., approximately 180,000 personnel from 22 different
organizations around the government became part of the Department of
Homeland Security. This completed the largest government reorganization
since the beginning of the Cold War

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