Ester Goldberg

Mugshot of the Day: A Genius Criminal ..

just imagine what this moron's grandkids and family will think when they look back at old family photos'.. hmm.. why was uncle Ismael Ambrosio deported..?? DUH!


Meet dumba ass…Ismael Ambrosio

The 24-year-old was booked yesterday into Florida’s Pinellas County jail on a hold issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. Ambrosio is pictured below in a booking photo taken after he was placed in custody.

Ambrosio’s rap sheet shows that he was found guilty last year on theft and fraud charges in nearby Highland County and was sentenced to a month in jail.

A mug shot taken at the time of that misdemeanor bust reveals that Ambrisio added his distinctive “Fuck The Police” mid-head tattoo after that January 2010 run-in with cops.

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