Ester Goldberg

REVIEWS from BRITNEY’S Concert are Rolling in and: not so Good! SHE LIP SYNCS THE WHOLE SHOW!! WTF?

She lip syncs the entire show…and ONLY ONCE…interacted with the audience…at the end of the show she said “Thank you, New Orleans, “!   That’s it?  Thank you, fukin New Orleans, “???

Okay so she got her body back..struts the stage and is part of a massive choreographed extravaganza. So, these peopel are impressed with extravaganza? lip syncing and spectacle? and an artist who doesnt sing or rather can’t sing live?

Heres what the nations top papers are saying

She came across mainly like a Fembot

LA TIMES: Her singing was dominated by a backing track. Her moves were nothing special — defined by much strutting

MTV: it was almost difficult to pick her out from all the noise

Oh..and that FAT ASS BLOGGER who was used for PR and hired for an opening concert video..wrote: The show was fun and fresh and dazzling!  ( remember he bashed her unmercifully for months and now her best friend?) .. the Britney team was smart to bring him into their fold..just like Madonna did.Use him.



    Her earlier concerts from years back were mostly lip syncing too. I never saw her, but heard this from many of my daughter’s friends who did.
    The excuse was that the extreme dancing, and quick costume changes between songs left her winded, thus the need for the backing tracks. (!?)
    Britney was and is a “performer”…not a vocalist. period.
    Seriously, I don’t think she wants this “performing” life anymore — it’s like her spirit has been broken…she’s just not “in to it”.
    I don’t think she really knows WHAT she wants to do with herself.

  • Ester Goldberg

    um..I think she just wants the ticket money.

  • Thom

    I’m Sure That All The Little Girl’s And Little Boy/Girls That Were At Her Concert LOVED It!!! And As Long As They Are Willing To Pay The Price — Well –If I Were Britney I’d Say Fuck The Critics — How Much Money Are They Making By Bashing Her???
    Not Much!
    And She Is “Back Tracking” All The Way To The Bank!!!!

  • Delta Dawn Davenport

    Total trash bag. Did she think she was on Solid Gold? Hate that no talent horse-cunt.


    I do believe u are right on about that!! :)


    how true, how true….