Deliriously Fabulous
Sunday Morning Gospel Album “POP GOES DADDY’S ARTERIES”
The Family Always had a tingle when Pops would hit that high C when he sang "HE TOUCHED ME"... POP goes Daddy's arteries
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Sunday Morning Gospel Albums
Hilarious Sunday Morning Gospel Albums Covers
Discovered at a thrift store in Lower Alabama singing "MY EYES Deceive me", their fashion statement truly makes you wonder if God was in on the joke.
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Politics is a Drag Season 2 TRUMP-A-LOSER EDITION
and SHE'SSSSSS BACKKK !!! Brand new Episode after one year! PLEASE REPOST AND SHARE!!!! xxxoo BRAND NEW EPISODE! We're back after almost a year! Watch share and laugh! Trumps going Japaneeza on his Asian tour. Republicans rewrite the bible. Putin has trump on his knees and Mueller makes em sweat [...]
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