CAITLYN JENNER: backpedals “I Never Said I Endorsed Ted Cruz”

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Well this Reality douche bag and  “Tranny for pay” Is probably pissin her DEPENDS at the back lash and LOW LOWWW ratings the Show is getting.

After saying she wanted to be Ted Cruz’s “trans ambassador,” Caitlyn Jenner is backpedaling on the presidential candidate.

famehworecaitThe Republican reality star tells E! News, “I never said that I endorsed Ted Cruz. I said I liked him. He is a constitutionalist, and I think we have to get our country back to something like that.”

She added that “out of all the candidates,” Cruz “would probably be the worst” for the LGBT community.

Does that mean Caitlyn’s endorsing the frontrunner? She says, “Honestly, I have not figured out what Donald Trump is and so many of the issues where he’s at. I think that’s very difficult.”

Caitlyn has been getting a lot of flack for her conservative views, especially from her co-stars on I Am Cait.


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