Georgia School bans the word ‘namaste,’ apologizes for yoga

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You can no longer say “namaste” at one Georgia elementary school. Have the religious crazies taken it too far? I sit  here in total Disbelief reading the news this morning that a group of ignorant southern parents have complained about YOGA in the schools.

Parents of kids at Kennesaw, Georgia’s Bullard Elementary School complained that students were engaging in spiritual yoga practices that seemed at odds with the separation of church and state. Teachers have been employing the techniques to help students relax and focus.

But administrators sent home a letter apologizing that “the mindfulness/de-stressing practices here at Bullard caused many misconceptions that in turn created a distraction in our community.”

Going forward, the school has banned use of the word namaste, the move of putting hand over heart and any discussion of healing crystals — the last of which never actually occurred in the school. (USA Today)



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