So NOW APPLE: Wants FBI to Reveal How It Hacked iPhone?? PITY!

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Apple and their entitled attitude didn’t want to help the FBI hack into an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino terrorists. Now that the FBI has figured out how to do it without Apple’s help, the company now wants the agency to reveal how it was done, but the feds don’t seem anxious to help. Funny when the show is on the other foot.

We are APPLE we are entitled Assholes who pay big money  to be cool
We are APPLE we are entitled Assholes who pay big money to be cool

Security experts say that the FBI’s ability to break into the iPhone 5c belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters has left the company vulnerable. Justin Olsson, product counsel at security software maker AVG Technologies, said, “One way or another, Apple needs to figure out the details. The responsible thing for the government to do is privately disclose the vulnerability to Apple so they can continue hardening security on their devices.”  Well, funny the Government asked the same fuckin thing… to help fight Terrorism.

Attorneys for Apple are looking for legal maneuvers to force the feds to fork over how they hacked the phone. A source told the Los Angeles Times that the FBI somehow disabled the featured that locks the phone up after 10 incorrect guesses at the pass code. With that featured disabled, the feds were able to use software to try potential pass codes until the correct one was discovered. The FBI hasn’t revealed what info, if any, it got from the phone. (Los Angeles Times)


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    Michael D

    Well, Apple has a right to know how the FBI hacked their phones, plus Apple is trying to get the information privately. The FBI acted poorly and tried to put people against Apple. just to put pressure on them by creating this huge debate. Tim Cook though managed it perfectly and was able to get most people on his side, making the FBI look ridiculous. And one last thing, if they didn’t find anything on that iCloud back up, then what did they expect to find on the phone itself, a WORK phone?

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