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Politics is a Drag Season 2 TRUMP-A-LOSER EDITION

and SHE'SSSSSS BACKKK !!! Brand new Episode after one year! PLEASE REPOST AND SHARE!!!! xxxoo BRAND NEW EPISODE! We're back after almost a year! Watch[more...]
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Top Things You Never Want to Hear From Your Prom Date ( yes its PROM season)

Prom season is in full swing.  So remember, angels:  Drink responsibly, use protection, and pray to God up above you don't encounter anything from today's[more...]
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TED Cruz Republican hypocrite endorses Trump

Ted Cruz has decided to endorse Donald Trump for president. In related news, doctors say X-rays taken in search of his spine are: inconclusive.  [caption[more...]
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RICHARD DREYFUSS: Confirms He’s Still Alive to all the dumb ass clueless people

Actor Richard Dreyfuss went on Twitter Sunday night after the Emmy Awards to confirm that (a) he is not dead and that (b) he is[more...]