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Ester Goldberg has had a long, fabulous life. In addition to being a widow, a star of radio, cabaret, and Nightclubs, she has also been a make-up artiste, gossip columnist, counselor to young teens, and gifted music maven and chanteuse. It is not hard to imagine why she is widely considered to be one of the world’s newest (and oldest) influential Diva’s.

Ester Goldberg’s life is a People magazine cover story. Her story is a true rags to riches scenario, a real Jewish American Princess Fairytale (or Jewish American Fossil?). Ester Goldberg’s rapidly spiraling show biz career began in Music City USA, on morning radio in Nashville, Tennessee. She was one of the hosts of the popular and hilarious Star 106 Morning Show for three years. She rubbed elbows with the likes of Bette Midler, Faye Dunaway, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Delta Burke, Mel Torme, and interviewed some of the biggest names in show business.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Ester Goldberg is the daughter of Eastern European immigrants, from an unknown country. “My parents never told us exactly where they came from,” says Ester, “for all we know, we could be Swedes.” Ester’s parents met aboard the ship while en route to the New World. The ship, captained by a dyslexic, retired Polish Naval Rear Admiral, accidentally docked at Liberty Island instead of Ellis Island, and Sam Glick and Fanny Lipshitz nervously disembarked. Sam and Fanny headed for the city, but boarded the wrong boat and took the circle tour of Manhattan for two days. “My parents were the first circle jerks,” Ester claims. Finally, Sam and Fanny exited with tourists at South Ferry, having lost their luggage and being low on funds, they decided to get married to save on hotel rooms. “It was better than thinking.”. Nine months later, Fanny gave birth to her only son Max. Sister Rose followed and then baby Ester. Ester and Rose have always had doubts about Max being their brother. (“Look at my eyes, Rose. What do you see? France, right? Paris. The left Bank? Now look at Max’s eyes. Look deep Rose. They’re like two blackbirds picking on an ear of corn in the middle of Chester, Indiana, I rest my case”).

Ester’s early life was a combination of voluntary exile and a multitude of hair color experiments. She spent the hours after school alone on the roof of her family’s five-story walkup, practicing her singing and bold theatrical style. She soon discovered that she had an extraordinary ability to imitate the voices of the rich and famous and not so rich and famous or… talented! At age 16, Ester met the love of her life, Herman Goldberg, a butcher from Queens who was in the Navy. Ester and Herman met at Coney Island and consummated the love for each other by pooling their money to buy a foot-long hot dog. As Ester says in her show, “it was the only 12 inches that we ever shared. Herman was Jewish.” Ester and Herman were soon married.

Two weeks into their marriage and on their honeymoon in Hawaii, Herman was part of a a WORLD WAR 2 PEARL HARBOR reenactment. He served on a battleship as a culinary specialist (i.e., cook, pancake maker). However, fate dealt an ugly blow. Herman made history as the first person to ever freeze to death in Hawaii. Ester will always re-tell the story, jus
t ask her!

Ester was crushed; however she pulled herself together, and gathered the strength to patent the machine that Herman designed before he decided to serve his country. “Mr. Matzoball,” as the machine was called, was the first-ever automated matzo ball maker. After Ester realized the goldmine she possessed, she sold the design to a multi-national conglomerate and was set for the rest of her life. Ka Ching!
Ester never remarried, though she has had a long cavalcade of romantic interests.

In the decades between Herman’s death and her radio stardom in Nashville, Ester traveled the globe, did hair and make-up for radio, hosted Mahjong and underwear parties, played with heads of State and sailed yachts around of the world. Ester also made goodwill tours to Botswana and Caracas on behalf of her Hadassah group. Ester continues to spread her message of acceptance and world peace in her BIG Show.
Now in her golden years, Ester is a passionate collector of diamonds, men, red Cartier boxes, and Faberge` eggs. She spends some of her precious leisure time studying the mysteries of the universe and Shirley McLaine. She one day hopes to open The Herman Goldberg Memorial Cryonic Research Center (She’ll never forget Hawaii).

A wildly popular success in the Nation’s Capital, her fast moving and hilarious Cabaret Show entitled The Big Swanky After Dinner Show, played to packed houses. More than just a crowd-pleaser, the show was a critical success as well, with The Washington Post praising, “It’s star energy without the arms length…you are dazzled by her.” Los Angeles

Ester Goldberg Day

 audiences were lucky enough to enjoy Ester’s unique brand of comedy. “Ester is   America’s answer to Dame Edna. She was the toast of Washington, the darling on  the Comedy Store on the sunset strip and she conquered LAS VEGAS,” says   her manager. Indeed, Washington was dazzled by Ester’s charms, going so far as   proclaiming December 2 “Ester Goldberg Day” for the whole country to enjoy.

Ester’s last stage extravaganza was Totally Outrageous Brunch at Sahara hotel and Casino Fomerly known as The Sayers Club® at SLS Las Vegas® was an insatiable comedy spectacle filled with awe at every turn. Starring the international glamour-puss Ester Goldberg along with her cast of talented and unpredictable friends, this show will shock, mock and rock your socks off. A total Vegas experience where one thing’s for sure…brunch will never be the same!

And now She’s the new QUEEN of the LAS VEGAS STRIP!