Politics is a Drag Ep. 3 “The POPE, some KOCH Cruella and Donald…”

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IN THIS EPISODE The POPE invades DC -Trump is still and Ashole, Cruella DEVille is really A Republican , ADisgfusting little turd raises drgs prices and A crying Candidate.

Web episode THREE Comedy and politics — it’s worked since the days of Medieval court jesters, although a few heads did roll in the process. It was refined by Will Rogers:

“Everything is changing. People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.”

Trust us, the only ‘FOX’ you’ll see will be faux!

Written by
Michael Airington & Frank J Hagan

produced by Michael Airington for Matzoball Entertainment LLC

All matzoball music License

HAIR and MAKEUP provided by TIGI/BEDHEAD http://tigihaircare.us

Designer Vintage Jewelry courtesy of RICH REAMES

SPECIAL THANKS to AUGUST AESTHETICS http://augustdenton.com for making me look FLAWLESS

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